Things I’m Excited About

Brett Favre is a Viking.  Even if it’s only for a year, the Vikings have a formidable passing attack.  The Vikes have instantly become an exciting team to watch–I’m getting pumped for Sunday football.  Superbowl Contenders?

Rob Bell is coming to Des Moines this Thursday.   He’ll be exploring the topic of “Suffering,” something we don’t typically like to embrace … should be worthwhile.

dlsbanner3If you’ve never heard of him, you should check out his NOOMA films.

New York Times best-selling author Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) is coming to The Gateway Church (our church!) on October 11th.  He will be promoting his new book A Million Miles in a Thousdand Years.

[clearspring_widget title=”Donald Miller: Million Miles Tour” wid=”4a71a0d82e788bc1″ pid=”4a8b1e6f9cb2e857″ width=”358″ height=”315″ domain=””]

He is also speaking at the Story conference, which I plan on attending and am also excited about.

FIFA 10 (yes, I still play video games).  I’ve been disappointed with soccer video games over last few years, but this one looks awesome: FIFA 10 Media : FIFA 10 Previews, Video, Images : EA SPORTS


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