Colossians Review

colossians_title5Paul’s letters would have been read in a single sitting.  But since we’re so far removed from first-century culture, we have to put in some extra leg work in order to get to the point where we’re able to understand the letter as Paul’s community did.  This is what we have been doing over the past five months.  We are now at a better position to understand the letter as the first-century Christians might have understood it.

Sometime this Labor Day weekend, find a solitary place and read the entire letter in one sitting.  Picture yourself in the audience.  Write down any observations and thoughts as you read.  Can you summarize Paul’s message to the Colossians?  What does the letter tell us about Christ?  About the new creation?  About us?


4 Responses to Colossians Review

  1. Nic says:

    Don’t all share at once.

  2. Mark says:

    Just got finished with the review, will try to sit down tonight and post some thoughts. MAS

  3. Mark says:

    Well I didn’t get it done last night as I wanted a fresher mind so I bottled and brewed. After reading Colossians this morning I get the basic message that Christ is for all and if we know of someone that is struggling we need to tell them that Christ is for them. He died such a painful and humiliating type of death that he knows and understands any of the pain that we may have to go through, thus he is personal. That it is enough to believe in Christ, and if a ‘church’ demands other rituals other than committment by faith then be suspicious of that church! There are no secrets or hidden procedures or knowledge, just know of Christs redeming love. This brings us to how we are to act. If we are in Christ we will be fair and just. We will treat everyone with respect. When we declare our faith in Christ and submit and ask to live in his grace our actions will be naturally more compassionate. We will not do deeds to please God but will do deeds because that is the right thing to do if you let Christ guide our lives. Paul tells us as husbands, wives, children, slaves, neighbots – everyone that our knowledge and actions in Christ are not automatic but we will learn and grow in time. It is as we learn more about Christ our actions will become more as he would like us to be and we will not sin because those desires will go away. Our actions that we must think about are not just those that directly affect an individual, but we must consider that our actions also affect many individuals and the world we live in – that we will ultimately affect the lives of our childrens children. It is beyound being kind but just. Chists love is all encompassing and last for eternity, therefore we need to understand that our actions also are all emcompassing and will last for eternity. May Christ’s love be in you all. MAS

  4. Nic says:

    Yes… Thanks!

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