Next Study: Philemon

Philemon ImageThat’s right, we’re going to study the little known Letter of Philemon.  We’ve already mentioned Onesimus, Philemon, and some of the circumstances surrounding the letter in our study of Colossians.  I think we’d be remiss not to address it now.  But I want to study Philemon more than simply because it’s convenient.  The letter is beautiful in its own right, and its size is definitely not indicative of its worth.

And while slavery—the primary concern of the letter—may not seem particularly relevant to our immediate context, it is relevant on a global scale.  Moreover, this letter provides a beautiful example of how our faith is to produce radical results, which is a principle that can be applied to many areas of our lives.  

I can’t wait to work through it with you!


One Response to Next Study: Philemon

  1. Clint says:

    Looking forward to it Nic!

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