The Shack

Well I finally read The Shack.  I didn’t know a whole lot about it, other than it was about a guy who goes into the woods and has a conversation with God, which really made me a little hesitant to pick it up and why I hadn’t read it until now (published in 2007).  It all sounded a little unbelievable and, frankly, kind of boring.  I figured I’d be overly critical the whole time.

But I finally read it, and it wasn’t anything like I expected.  Believe it or not there was an actual story to it (I don’t know why I thought the book would open with some spiritual guy speaking with God in an abandoned shack).  And I know that the way in which God is portrayed in The Shack has caused some controversy but, while keeping in mind that it is a fiction novel, I’d say most of it fits how I think of, understand and relate to our God, as well as how I think we ought to relate to one another.

I liked The Shack a lot, and I thought that the whole idea of writing that kind of a novel was brilliant.  I’d love for it to come out as a major motion picture–hope it happens.

I’m betting most of you have already read The Shack.  Did you enjoy it?  If so, why?  Was it life changing?  What did you learn from it?  Do you feel that it gave you a unique and fuller picture of God?  Or did it violate your understanding of Him?  If so what parts?   Did it upset you?  Would you recommend this book to a friend?  I’m really curious to hear what you thought, both positive and negative.


4 Responses to The Shack

  1. Jan says:

    I like your questions–makes me think! Yes, I loved the book and it might have changed my idea of God–I think it made me realize I can be closer to Him just like the main character experienced. I think it caused me to want to spend time w/God daily out of desire and not because I should. When I read the book, I thought it was a true story and I had to look on the internet after I read it to find out for myself. I guess because of the info in the book on the foundation, etc.

    On Dec. 24,2009 I read an Oswald Chambers devotional and then it came to life for me that day. To me he was saying that when someone is in a dark, depressing, hopeless situation it can be a plateau with God. That day I talked to 5 different people about their dire circumstances. I was crying all day. I just thought–How does God handle all the hurting of people? After all of these conversations and a day of thinking about it all, I realized that these hurting people are on a plateau w/God where He meets their emotional needs and spiritual needs. Chambers said there is plenty of room on a plateau to experience victory w/God. I finally understood. I decided that I would want to be encouraged and prayed for if it was me in a dire situation–not pitied. So that is also what I learned from the Shack. It just took a couple of years for it to all sink in.

    Glad you finally read it Nic!
    I believe God/Jesus/Holy Spirit gets these books in our lives to help ua learn about Him and His neverending love for people. I hope He will help me be able to tell people about Him and so they can know His love. I started talking to old friends on Facebook and I hope I can relate all of this to them–especially ones who are serious “dire” circumstances.

  2. Leah says:

    I read it at least a year ago, and really enjoyed it. I was curious before I started it, because people had told me they either loved it or hated it. An aunt (Mae) said it changed her life, and she’s already a deeply religious person. A friend read it for a book club, and they all ended up not finishing it…it was ‘offensive’ to some. But I thought it was great, and it’s one of those books that really makes you think. It made me realize how I ‘pigeonhole’ God, and it was interesting to read another perspective that I would never have considered.

  3. Ellen says:

    I read it a year or so ago too. I had a long plane flight home and that was the only book I could find at the airport bookstore that I was remotely interested in. I too had heard all the controversy and wanted to read it with discernment. I enjoyed the story and think it even made me cry at times. I don’t think I would ever recommend it to someone who is seeking God or is a new believer though because I would not want them to learn their theology from a fiction book. Obviously that needs to come straight from the Word of God. Too often we look to these type of books/movies/tv shows to know more about God and it’s a waste of time. Right now I’m reading Tim Keller’s The Reason for God and that’s quite interesting.

  4. Nic says:

    I appreciated the lesson on submission, especially in our relationships–that was a good reminder. The book was also a good reminder that God is infinitely bigger and more wise than I could ever imagine. And it made me want to rid myself of everything that’s keeping me from having a right relationship with him, all that external stuff that continually gets in the way.

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