Next Study: Philippians

After reading through Philippians, I’m really excited for our next study.

Paul’s letter to the community of Philippi provides useful principles that can be applied to all of our relationships.  It’s a letter about putting others first, humility, and self-sacrifice–in other words, everything that contributes to unity.  And it’s a letter that inspires us to find joy amidst our suffering.  I think we’ll enjoy this letter and learn a lot about ourselves.

Please find some time to meditate and reflect on this letter in the next couple of weeks.  We will open our study by covering background topics of the letter.

For our study of Philippians, I will once again consult commentaries from the Pillar and The New International Greek Testament Commentary series: The Letter to the Philippians by G. Walter Hansen, Eerdmans: 2009 and The Epistle to the Philippians by Peter T. O’Brien, Eerdmans/Paternoster: 1991.

God, in our study, please teach us and transform us.  We feel the all too unfortunate and timeless truth of living in a “warped and crooked generation” (Phil 2.14).  This world leaves us feeling helpless, sad, and distressed at times.  We recognize how badly the world needs you, Jesus.  Help us to shine likes stars among the darkness.  Come Lord Jesus, come.


5 Responses to Next Study: Philippians

  1. Allison Scherer says:

    I love how excited you are about this next study and I just love your heart and prayer. Phillipians chapter 2 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible 🙂 I am looking forward to studying it with you.

  2. Scott Mabee says:

    Hey. Why do I have a pink avatar?

  3. Mark says:

    Scott, are you finding out about yourself already?

  4. GB says:

    Phillipi was Paul’s first church in Asia, therefore especially dear to him. My Ryrie Study bible confirms your conclusions that this letter was written from prison in Rome. I was fortunate to have seen Mamertine prison where Paul alledgely wrote some of the Gospels. A dank dark place below street level with the chain holders still their. The theme that comes forth is advice to “be more like Christ” and do not think that you have been forgotten by christ when troubles come your way, but rejoice that you are suffering as Christ suffered for the Kindom. Great job Mr. Nitch

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