Cool Books on the Sermon of the Mount

The Jesus Creed (a blog I read fairly regularly) recently highlighted a book  called A Good and Beautiful Life, which really peaked my interest.   It’s appears to be all about living the Christian life, the way God intended.  And the principles that the book draws upon come from the Sermon on the Mount, which is, in my opinion,  one of Jesus’ finest teaching moments.  This just sounds like a book we all might enjoy.  Check out in more detail here.

And while we’re on the Sermon on the Mount…

If anyone is considering studying the SoM in your church, small group, or even for personal study, I’d highly recommend using Dr. William Klein’s Become What You Are: Spiritual Formation According to the Sermon on the Mount. It’s a little more technical than what I expect from A Good and Beautiful Life, but it’s well written and contains lots of great discussion questions, applications, and opportunities for reflection.


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