Coaching Salaries

Several websites reported that Florida Gators basketball coach Billy Donovan was offered over 3 million dollars to coach at St. Johns, though he turned the potential offer down.  $3 million.   This number astonishes me, though maybe I’m just ignorant of coaching salaries because according to the Palm Beach Post News, Donovan already makes $3.5 million.

Now I’m not really comfortable saying that Donovan or any other coach for that matter doesn’t have the right to make as much money as he or she possibly can, but what moral or ethical obligation to public universities have in this?  Isn’t there a point where, as a university, you say, OK this is basketball/football and our role is to educate students.  At what point do you say, this is a little absurd or ridiculous?

And coaching salaries aren’t the only place where things seem backwards–NFL/NBA salaries in comparison to teachers.  Again, not the players fault, it’s that we value entertainment  (And apparently we like crappy entertainment: evidence=Kesha).  How do we change this?

Go Panthers  🙂


One Response to Coaching Salaries

  1. Mark says:

    Ahh, the lament of the highly paid. This lament goes way back to the ancient Greeks of Socrates and Plato who lamented that the highest paid were politicians, athletes, and entertainers. Why? Is it that entertainment allows us to escape or have feelings that we would like to have but do not? Politicians have always be able to line their own pockets but now coaches. College sports is big business but why the emphasis? The media? On Sirius radio some of the NFL old timers talked about when the NFL was getting started and they had other real jobs, i.e. plumber to make ends meet and the NFL job was the second job. Marketing has always been able to tap into our latent desires and sell us stuff which causes others to earn more and more. Will the house fall – probably at some future date – again look at the NFL and there may not be a 2011 season as the owners are wanting to cut back on salaries etc. But I agree that college should be about the kids and coaching salaries are way to high. Bottom line is that a team is really only as good as its players + a little percentage from coaching knowledge. Every ex alum should really stand back and ask themselves – How important is sport as compared to the overall health of …. fill in the blank.

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